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Teams V2 Synthetics and Real-User Monitoring Support

With the release of Microsoft Teams 2.0 and the Classic Teams client nearing its EOL (end of life), we were eager to explore the changes that Teams 2.0 brought about. Today we will look into the new features and architecture of Teams 2.0 as well as provide insight into the changes and improvements to the CloudReady Teams Messaging and Teams AV sensors.
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Maximizing ROI with Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring

Today's dynamic business landscape challenges organizations to find ways to optimize their investment and streamline their budgets. With the increasing prominence of remote work and user experience playing a pivotal role in productivity, obtaining a high return on investment (ROI) has become more critical than ever. This article explores how Exoprise's synthetic sensors (Cloudready) and Real User Monitoring (RUM via Service Watch) offer valuable insights that can help drive ROI and enhance digital experience monitoring for businesses.

Optimize Core Web Vitals for SaaS and Custom Apps

A set of metrics known as Core Web Vitals have become key indicators of website performance and user satisfaction. Monitoring and optimizing these metrics for web pages can be challenging. Today, we learn how to use synthetic and real-user monitoring to measure, analyze, and improve Core Web Vitals. Delivering a smooth user experience plays a pivotal role in determining website application success.

Monitoring Single Page Applications with Synthetics and Browser-based RUM

Businesses today are increasingly dependent on Single Page Applications (SPAs) for better user experiences. A Single Page App is when a user loads a web document and the application then updates different parts of the page with background requests. This is opposed to the more traditional Multi-page Applications (MPAs) where each click loads a different web document. Like the way you’re (hopefully) reading different pages on this web server.

Synthetics and Service Watch Dashboards

Combining Service Watch and CloudReady synthetics is easy to do and extremely powerful. Quickly pinpoint where the issues are occurring and skip the troubleshooting where the issues aren't which will speed up their resolution time, saving your organization money and time. Combining this information will also provide your app owners a quick and thorough view into how the user experience is going and how the application is performing in general. When issues do occur, they’ll have all the information available making it easy to prove the vendor is at fault and recover SLA credits

Network Path Monitoring Pinpoints and Mitigates Connection Bottlenecks

An employee calls complaining about slow response time. Another one has similar trouble. No red lights are flashing on the Network Operations console, so the network is up and running. What is happening? Frankly, it could be just about anything: an overworked router, a runaway process on a laptop, a slow loading web page, or a bandwidth hog at home.

Better Together: Combine Real User Monitoring with Synthetics

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) are two different approaches for monitoring end-user experiences with SaaS, Desktop, and networked applications. But in today's digital world, response time, availability, and work-from-anywhere initiatives are becoming closely aligned. Employees need the flexibility to collaborate from any location without disruption. Organizations must look towards a holistic monitoring strategy to make this feasible every day.

Combine Synthetics and Real User Monitoring for a Complete End-User Digital Experience

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is becoming increasingly popular during the pandemic as most employees start to work remotely from home. This type of passive monitoring approach captures the real end-user experience of accessing web applications. IT gathers SaaS application performance metric data and leverages those insights to quickly troubleshoot issues for remote workers. On the other hand, Synthetic monitoring emulates real users accessing cloud and infrastructure services like Microsoft 365. Businesses would benefit from a holistic monitoring strategy that includes both RUM and Synthetic tests to cater to the needs of a hybrid remote workforce.

How to Ensure Superior End-User Digital Experience in the Age of Work from Anywhere

Digital Experience Monitoring is becoming the norm as the pandemic forces employees to work remotely. Enterprises need to ensure a great end-user digital experience using techniques like Synthetics and Real User Monitoring (RUM). Let Microsoft 365 performance issues not hold you back to transition to a digital remote work future.