Synthetics and Service Watch Dashboards

Synthetics and Service Watch Dashboards

May 12, 2023

Combining Service Watch and CloudReady synthetics is easy to do and extremely powerful. Quickly pinpoint where the issues are occurring and skip the troubleshooting where the issues aren't which will speed up their resolution time, saving your organization money and time.

Combining this information will also provide your app owners a quick and thorough view into how the user experience is going and how the application is performing in general. When issues do occur, they’ll have all the information available making it easy to prove the vendor is at fault and recover SLA credits

The combined dashboard can also be used to simply but effectively show upper management the health of your environment alongside the end-user experience to give insight into productivity increases or decreases.

Share these dashboards amongst teams in your organization such as app owners, the NOC or helpdesk, or even management. Embed these dashboards into Teams and SharePoint or use the weekly report function to have them emailed to you.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:10 Combine Synthetics and RUM for Complete Insight
00:00:25 Insight into SaaS Solutions
00:00:56 Building Dashboards
00:01:10 Which Widgets to Combine
00:02:00 Teams AV Dashboard
00:02:45 Email Dashboard
00:03:15 Any SaaS App Dashboard
00:04:00 Sharing Dashboards Amongst Teams
00:05:02 End

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