How to Ensure Superior End-User Digital Experience in the Age of Work from Anywhere

How to Ensure Superior End-User Digital Experience in the Age of Work from Anywhere

Apr 21, 2021

Digital Experience Monitoring is becoming the norm as the pandemic forces employees to work remotely. Enterprises need to ensure a great end-user digital experience using techniques like Synthetics and Real User Monitoring (RUM). Let Microsoft 365 performance issues not hold you back to transition to a digital remote work future.

With technology now, the daily lifeline between employees, companies, and customers the need to use both synthetic and Real User Monitoring for the complete digital employee experience picture has become mission-critical. Proactive notifications and baseline benchmarks require synthetic monitoring of SaaS/Network/ISP services. Always-on, everywhere coverage with easily deployed RUM has become a necessity to ensure uptime and cloud service success.

Exoprise Founder and CEO, Jason Lieblich, hosts a conversational webinar featuring guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst, Andrew Hewitt, for a discussion on the evolution of digital experience management and the future of work.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:
00:00 Start
02:51 Evolution of End User Experience Management post Covid-19
15:24 Challenges of Delivering Great Digital Experience in the Age of Work Anywhere and Cloud Adoption
23:58 Optimizing Monitoring Strategy to Ensure End-User Productivity
34:32 Benchmark Network Capacity, Microsoft 365, Office 365, Teams and ALL of SaaS Performance
40:53 Digital Experience Monitoring with RUM and Synthetics for Enterprise Success
45:03 Best Practices for IT to Improve End User Experience Management

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