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The Great Resignation: Why Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs In Record Numbers

In what’s being dubbed ‘The Great Resignation,’ millions of Americans are quitting their jobs in favor of flexible work arrangements. Experts believe that this unprecedented migration of workers is a direct result of working from home during the pandemic. What’s happening in the U.S. may be an early indicator of a wave that will sweep the global workforce.

How to Set Up Offshore Companies in the USA (2021 Guide)

Most people know the United States of America as a leader in filmmaking, sports, technological advancements, and so on. But not many are aware that the USA is also a popular destination for an offshore company. From increased credibility to easier access for your products and services to a major consumer economy, there are several reasons to set up an offshore company in the USA. In this article, we’ll explain what offshore companies in the USA are and the requirements for setting one up.

10 Financial Risks Every Small Business Should Be Aware of

You’re a small business owner, but you don’t know what the most common financial risks your company might be exposed to are. Whether you are an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, without the right information you might make a bad decision. Here we explain the 10 financial risks every small business should be aware of and start planning for the future. Before we get to that, let’s review some statistics. Small businesses form an integral part of a country’s economy.

8 Types Of Flexible Work Schedules For The Modern Workforce

Curious about the different types of flexible work schedules? Following a global pandemic, businesses are looking to enhance employee productivity despite limited physical interaction. They have adopted strategies to ensure unobstructed workflow, flexible work schedules being the most popular ones. So how do you incorporate this evolving schedule system into your company?

What is a Hybrid Office and How Does it Work?

Want to set up a hybrid office? The pandemic has resulted in drastic changes in how and where we work. While the office workplace keeps evolving continuously, this sudden need for evolution in the post-COVID world can be challenging for many companies. Various companies are now adopting either a remote or hybrid work model. So how do you modify your workspace without reducing employee productivity?

5 ways to organize your business for success as an entrepreneur

When it comes to starting a business, many entrepreneurs are drawn to the freedom of earning money on their terms. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the most common struggles we face is finding an adequate work-life balance. Anyone who is an entrepreneur knows and understands the many hats you have to wear and the tasks you have to juggle each day, especially when you’re starting out.

How to Grow Your Online Business (Even in a Crisis)

Wondering how to grow your online business during a crisis situation? Adjusting to an unknown and turbulent reality can be harsh, especially for businesses. The Covid-19 crisis was the beginning of the end of a lot of small and medium businesses globally. According to the International Trade Survey, at least one out of four businesses were projected to close as the crisis endured.

Entrepreneurship advice from five of the top 100 female entrepreneurs of 2020

Entrepreneurship is tough no matter who you are. Yet, for a long time, the entrepreneurial journey has been especially challenging for women. In the US, despite owning 40% of all businesses, females receive less than 3% of venture funding. The discrepancy is especially concerning given research that shows women return twice as much revenue per dollar invested than men.

3 Reasons Your Company Should Go All-in On Increasing Visibility

You save a draft of a new product design and send it out to the team. A couple of colleagues add comments and edits and send their updates back to the group as an attachment. And just like that, there are now three versions in circulation. As more team members add their feedback, the versions multiply like bacteria, and soon, nobody knows which file is the “real” up-to-date version.