Zendesk + Shopify: An eCommerce match made in heaven

Zendesk + Shopify: An eCommerce match made in heaven

Feb 24, 2023

Hear firsthand how eCommerce champions, Pair Eyewear and LuxDeco, balance hyper-growth with quality service using Zendesk + Shopify in harmony. In this video, we walk you through how you can execute best-in-class, customer-first experience by leveraging key metrics, core Zendesk capabilities, and foundational integrations.


0:00 - Intro

5:40 - Panel begins

5:50 - How is CX having an impact on your business?

6:49 - Self-service channels

8:20 - Balancing challenging customers with humans vs. AI

8:52 - How to execute higher customer experience

12:35 - Zendesk integrations that help teams remain competitive

14:34 - How integrating Shopify has helped business

17:00 - Wrap up/final thoughts

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