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(Tech) stack 'em up: tap into apps on the Zendesk Marketplace to give customers a helping hand

Every business needs software solutions to thrive, and building the right tech stack means companies can put customer experience front and centre. But with so many options out there, finding the best integrations for each of your clients can be a head scratcher. In the context of Zendesk, ‘tech stack’ refers to a combination of tools and technologies that work together with our products – all geared toward improving a business’s customer experience (CX).

Elevating demand generation in your business

Demand generation can be the initial step to building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. So, making a good first impression is critical. Forget about the age-old cold calls and impersonal ads – now it’s all about creating genuine connections, becoming a trusted resource and guiding potential customers on a value-driven journey. If you need a demand-generation refresher: The goal is to generate and nurture leads. The key to this process?

Enhancing the agent experience with Tymeshift's newest features

Artificial intelligence has the potential to not only improve the customer experience, but also drastically improve the admin and service operations experience. We believe AI can make service operations much faster and more efficient, allowing service teams to focus on delivering better CX instead of being bogged down by time-consuming admin work. As such, we acquired Tymeshift in June 2023 to give organisations using Zendesk an easier way to manage their teams.

Partnering for progress: exploring Zendesk's Technical Community

Living in a digital world, our concept of community transcends geography to include the virtual spaces from which we connect, share, learn and grow. Zendesk has held to this same notion of community for many years, as Partners in our ecosystem seek one another’s expertise across industries, technologies and languages.

How to make your Marketplace listing shine

It’s fair to say that the Zendesk Marketplace is buzzing with app activity. In my four years as Marketplace Operations Manager, the number of apps available has skyrocketed from 927 to 1,542 – that’s a leap of more than 600! And it’s not slowing down. We’re currently adding 200 to 300 net apps per year, which begs the question: with so many great options vying for customers’ attention, how can you make your app listings stand out? First things first.

CX Trends 2024: Unlock the power of intelligent CX

We’re facing a seismic shift in the world of customer experience with rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, data analytics and other emerging technologies shaking the very foundations of our industry. Businesses are rethinking the structure of everything, from their tech stacks to their teams. In just a few years time, these forces will radically transform the pivotal connection between customers getting support and the organisations that provide it.

The end of the survey era (as we know it) is nigh

Long gone are the days when customer service was just a department and customer experience (CX) just a strategy. As more and more companies fight it out on the CX battlefield, customer service has evolved into an engine for growth. Organisations are continually looking for better ways to evaluate, predict, and improve the customer experience—and, as a result, their bottom line.

11 ways to use AI for a better employee experience

AI for employee experience means leveraging artificial intelligence technology to improve all aspects of the employee journey, including onboarding, performance, development, support from internal service teams and access to information to perform daily tasks. The key to running a successful business is creating an environment that fosters an exceptional employee experience (EX).

Protecting customer privacy in a world of personalisation

Recent technological advancements have empowered many organisations to finally offer the level of personalisation most consumers want. According to our research, 61% of consumers say the faster a company is to offer personalised experiences, the more likely they are to purchase from them. From that same research, 66% of consumers are also willing to share their data if it means getting more relevant and personalised experiences. However, with better personalisation comes great risk.

Avoid these three generative AI pitfalls - and what to do instead - according to IT leaders

In the year since generative AI became widely available, the world has changed enormously. As of February, ChatGPT set the record for the fastest-growing user base. Once a novelty, generative AI now forms the baseline of different technologies. Even beyond technology, generative AI is asserting itself in finance, pharmaceuticals and art. With generative AI, there’s a strong sense that understanding how it can be used is uncharted territory.