Zendesk Deep Dive on Messaging

Zendesk Deep Dive on Messaging

May 19, 2022

In our first post Relate event, the Community team hosted a deep dive into what’s new with Zendesk Messaging.

We sat down with Paul Lalonde and members of the Messaging team, where they highlighted recent product updates such as improved bot building and updates to the mobile app UI and shared a deep understanding of what Messaging has to offer.

The team also hosted live Q&A addressing questions submitted by attendees on various areas of the Messaging product!


00:00 Introduction

03:00 Increase in conversations & customer demands

06:35 Personalized service at scale with Messaging

08:09 What’s New with Messaging

10:00 Best Practices with What’s New

23:16 Messaging Demo

27:18 Q&A

27:25 What is the difference between Chat & Messaging?

32:07 Can external bots integrate into Messaging without smooch?

33:25 How can we facilitate data collection & routing for social media channels with Messaging?

35:10 How do you autoroute to people in Messaging within a specific group?

36:29 What would the transition be for our team if we moved from Chat to Messaging?

40:45 How can Messaging help to increase our productivity?

42:12 For teams that don’t need to offer social media or chat apps as support channels, what benefits does Messaging offer?

43:30 What is the difference between Messaging and Chat from the customer experience?

44:25 Can you share information about Messaging integrations for Slack & Microsoft Teams?

46:42 How can you convert a ticket that originated via email, web, or voicemail to text in Messaging?

48:05 How do you understand staffing needs based on existing volume trends with Messaging?

50:48 Can you add multiple schedules to flow builder?

51:39 What are the best ways to assign re-opened Messaging tickets to an agent & any answer bot flow suggestions?

53:35 Can we utilize Messaging/bots without using chat?

54:23 What new Messaging channels do you see emerging over the next year?

55:55 How can you proactively manage customer expectations when live Messaging is available & when it's off?

57:25 How do you add an external source & query that source via the bot?

58:55 Coming Soon

Presentation Resources

Event Slide Deck: https://bit.ly/3yQcRNu

Demo Recording: https://zendesk.wistia.com/medias/8fhtclnj70

Detailed Q&A Summary & Resource Index: https://zdsk.co/3PwI5Pk

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