Q3 '23 What's New: AI Powered Conversational Experience

Q3 '23 What's New: AI Powered Conversational Experience

Aug 8, 2023

Q3 '23 What's New: AI Powered Conversational Experience
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In this video, we will reveal our new announcements for AI Powered Conversations for Q3 of 2023. Highlights include hearing about our new bot innovations and agent enhancements on Messaging.

Intro - 0:00
What we released this year - 0:36
Trends in the market - 1:17
Customer story: Liberty London - 2:59
Bot innovations: Answer templates - 4:39
Bot innovations: Intent clarification - 5:29
Demo - 6:10
Bot innovations: Bots for Slack - 8:34
Agent enhancements on messaging: Skills-based routing - 9:11
Agent enhancements on messaging: SLAs and datasets - 10:36
Recap - 11:43

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