How to Monitor Microsoft Exchange Online and Outlook Performance

How to Monitor Microsoft Exchange Online and Outlook Performance

Aug 4, 2021

Exoprise Email Graph sensor tests and monitors Microsoft 365 Exchange Online using the new Graph API. As businesses continue to operate remotely, it is more important than ever to have a robust email communication infrastructure for collaboration. When email access is down or slow, it impacts end-user productivity, and businesses suffer. CloudReady Email Graph API sensor synthetically tests Microsoft Graph authentication, permission access, uptime, and mailbox availability no matter what location. Monitor Office 365 Mail queues, SPAM filters and troubleshoot slow email delivery for exchange online.

Exoprise emulates a real user utilizing Exchange online end-to-end and monitoring the entire experience. The email graph sensor sends synthetic emails between the mail platform and CloudReady autoresponders to test the email delivery, reliability, and performance of the underlying infrastructure. Once an email is generated, the sensor confirms that the message has been sent by checking the corresponding folders and headers on the outbound side and waits for a response. The sensor analyzes the autoresponder response to gather hop-by-hop message queue timings. A large Message Transfer Agent (MTA) outbound Time is an indicator of issues with outbound SMTP filters or the providers while a large MTA inbound time can signal issues with the inbound mail processing queue.

Exoprise gathers crowd-sourced MTA data so that customers can easily compare their Exchange server environment performance with message queue benchmarks. Such comparisons are particularly useful during ongoing SMTP migration or general monitoring. CloudReady sensor test end-to-end performance of Exchange Online server for various access methods including MAPI, EWS, OWA, Mailflow, IMAP, etc.

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