Acting with a unified customer view on Zendesk

Acting with a unified customer view on Zendesk

Nov 18, 2022

The Zendesk Community sat down with experts from our Platform Team to cover the ins and outs of acting with a unified customer view on Zendesk. We reviewed the multitude of ways you can use a range of Zendesk capabilities to build a more complete customer view, plus how to take intelligent action on it. Attendees were treated to demos and actionable tips on using customer insight to deliver a faster and more personalized level of service.

Time Codes:

00:00 - Introductions

00:30 - Agenda

01:15 - Our Experts

02:40 - Trends

02:55 - Businesses struggle to act on data

04:03 - Take action with a unified customer view

06:30 - Live Demo

14:00 - Tips & Tricks

14:20 - Boost Agent Productivity & Personalize self-service

16:45 - Unify & Tailor customer conversations across channels

18:41 - Give agent key context & power to act

20:05 - Optimize the customer journey across systems

22:30 - Q&A

22:40 - What are the plan/feature prerequisites within Zendesk for getting a unified customer view?

24:11 - How can I bring external customer journey data into Zendesk?

26:00 - How easy is it to build a custom app to pull in data from various sources?

27:45 - How can we use layouts/interfaces to get a more customer-centric view?

29:27 - How can we update the organization page to reflect different customer information?

31:21 - Any advice on how to prep data & systems before integrating them with Zendesk?

33:17 - Can we use an API to view data from another system in the agent's customer view?

34:15 - Are there ways we can use Zendesk to get a more unified view across multiple message threads?

38:55 - How does a unified customer view work with Answer Bot?

42:00 - Is there any training material being prepared to break down objections for customers who are used to Salesforce's mindset, which is focused on the customer's vision?

43:40 - What are the limitations of using a 3rd party chatbot with Zendesk enterprise version (without SunCo)?

45:30 Coming Soon

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