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How Basecamp Became a 100% Remote Company

It’s been more than three years since we closed our office in Chicago, and since many companies are still trying to figure out what to do about their office space, we thought we’d share our story. Moving is never fun. It’s bad enough when it’s your stuff, but ten years of stuff makes it even worse. As folks outside of Basecamp learned of our impending office closure, I began to get some questions. The most common being “what did you do with the stuff?

Benefits of Project Management Software

Project management looks different for everyone and every business. Trust us. Over 20 million people have worked on a project inside Basecamp, so we’ve seen it all. And this front row seat has reinforced our belief in the power of projects. To us, project management is a no brainer. But to some, they don’t quite see the point. Usually, because they don’t really understand the benefits of project management to begin with. We hear it all the time by those who haven’t tried it.

Client Management Strategies for Agencies to Build Better Relationships

Good client experiences in the agency world aren’t always the norm. Here’s how to make them yours. Horror stories about poor client experiences make the rounds online, in friend circles, and between colleagues. These stories can include anything from a lack of communication to being scammed out of money for deliverables. Either way, your brand reputation extends beyond just your work; it encompasses the entire client experience.

Basecamp: Create a Project Management Calendar: Key Steps

The key to project management is time. When will X start? When will Y end? When is Z available? Project managers have to juggle many different tasks, resources, deliverables, and stakeholders. And like juggling, the trick is in the timing. That’s why all good project managers rely heavily on project management calendars. Project management calendars are more than just a collection of dates. They’re a roadmap. A glimpse into the future. A way to keep your entire project team on task.

Kanban Board Examples & Project Management Templates

Many have seen the word. Far fewer could tell you what it really means (or how to pronounce it… hint: “con-bon”). Something to do with manufacturing? A tool for software developers? A style of project management? Try all of the above. Kanban is one of the most effective tools available for managing project-based work. Interested in Kanban but not sure where to begin? Let’s explore some real Kanban board examples and templates.

How to Prioritize Projects with Project Management Software

Ask anyone who’s shipped meaningful work and they’ll tell you the same thing: ideas are a fraction of what matters. The devil is in the execution. Execution is where you pay the real price for your projects. Time, money, and resources… projects require an investment. Which is why it’s critical you learn how to prioritize your projects. For many project managers, prioritizing projects is easier said than done.

Remote Work is a Platform

Back in the mid-90s, just as Netscape Navigator was giving us our first look at what the visual internet could be, web design came in two flavors. There was the ultra basic stuff. Text on a page, maybe a masthead graphic of some sort. Nothing sophisticated. It often looked like traditional letterhead, or a printed newsletter, but now on the screen. Interactions were few, if any, but perhaps a couple links tied a nascent site together. And there was the other extreme.

Why Our Small Business Needed Project Management Software

There’s no course in business school that teaches how to run a business with your wife. Marketing. Finance. Supply Chain. Law. Most of my business school experience taught “Business” with a capital “B” — the suit and tie variety. So, when my wife and I launched a business 10 years later, I was unprepared and uneducated on the challenges we would face.

Free 30-60-90 Day Employee Onboarding Plan Template for Employees and Managers

Most plans are useless. A typical 5-year plan is nothing more than a collection of guesses. And when these guesses turn out to be incorrect (as guesses often are), companies are forced to choose between their original plan and what makes sense today. That said, there’s one plan that no company should ever ignore… The 30-60-90 Day Onboarding Plan.

Challenges of Entrepreneurship You Weren't Warned About

Entrepreneurship is growing. In 2021, 5.5 million small businesses were created, a million more than in 2020 and a 54% increase over 2019. As basic supply and demand often goes, there has also been an uptick in businesses designed to help entrepreneurs succeed. Which means the digital space is flooded with experts, gurus, and coaches all claiming to help you avoid the challenges of entrepreneurship. The problem? Everyone talks about the same challenges with the same solutions.