Zendesk experts dive into what's next with AI | Conversations with Zendesk podcast

Zendesk experts dive into what's next with AI | Conversations with Zendesk podcast

Apr 12, 2024

🤖 What's next with AI? AI and the next CX revolution with Zendesk’s Adrian McDermott and Teresa Haun | Conversations with Zendesk podcast
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💡 Join Zendesk’s own AI experts in this episode of #ConversationsWithZendesk as they unpack the history of CX transformation and what that means for an AI-powered future.

🔌 On this episode, we're joined by Adrian McDermott, Chief Technology Officer, and Teresa Haun, Senior Director of Technology and CX Strategy at Zendesk. Adrian and Teresa discuss the subject of artificial intelligence in customer experience, offering their insights on how businesses can navigate these changes effectively.

⏳ Timestamps:

0:00 - Start

00:32 - The importance of AI in shaping future customer experiences

03:44 Historical inflection points in CX and parallels with today’s AI evolution

06:07 How the internet and AI democratize customer service

09:44 The current state of AI in the industry and its impact on business strategies

16:10 Predictions for AI’s role in customer interactions by 2030

22:10 Balancing automation with the human touch in CX

24:20 Strategies for businesses implementing AI without being overwhelmed

27:19 Innovative uses of AI in creating customer service solutions

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