What Is The Science Of Delight?

What Is The Science Of Delight?

According to neuroscientist David Eagleman, your brain isn't a single entity. It is a parliament. And three systems are responsible for delight.

In our global live+virtual event Refresh 2021, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, David presented his keynotes on certain aspects of ‘making delight easy’ for customers and employees of various businesses: the science of delight.

David explained the decision-making process of the human brain along three intricately intertwined phenomena: evaluation, emotion, and the social context.

For people to be delighted with a product, they need to feel they are getting the value out of it. According to David, the experience that customers have after they buy a product matters just as much.

Read more about delight made easy here: https://bit.ly/36pzSud