Use Service Desk Gamification to Boost Agents' Productivity

Use Service Desk Gamification to Boost Agents' Productivity

Jul 3, 2023

Enable InvGate Service Desk's gamification module on your 30-day free trial instance:

Gamifying your service desk is a clever way to encourage agents to stay motivated and excited about their job, take on challenges, learn new skills, thrive through complex tasks, and discover new working methods.

Gamification in IT consists of taking elements from game designs and applying them to make a task or job more interesting by adding some fun activities or elements.

To that end, InvGate Service Desk's gamification functionalities allow you to create a gamification strategy that includes the following:

  • Points
  • Achievements
  • Badges
  • A ranking system

To activate the module, click Settings / Gamification / General, and enable it. Then, all you need to do is develop a scoring system, a list of quests, and the badges help desk agents will receive when achieving goals.

And that's it!

If you need some help to improve service desk productivity through gamification, contact our experts at

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:18 Gamification in the service desk
00:00:40 Setting up the Gamification module on InvGate Service Desk
00:00:58 Configuring the point system
00:01:18 Gamification example
00:02:20 Configuring the badges
00:02:39 Configuring the quests
00:03:33 Agent view of the Gamification module
00:04:22 Conclusion

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