Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

May 31, 2023

Issues with Microsoft Teams can be very impactful for organizations. There is a huge loss in productivity associated with teams performance issues and outages, it is also extremely disruptive to workflows.

There are also financial costs to these issues, at the end-user level this can cause end users to miss deadlines and delay projects and the cost of IT Teams spending time troubleshooting or requiring external consultants or even Microsoft to assist, this cost adds up over periods of time.

With the limitations of Microsoft’s Call Quality Dashboard, troubleshooting user’s Teams issues is a slow process due to the lack of granularity in the information provided and the delays in getting this information. It also doesn’t report on the device itself.

By utilizing the CloudReady sensors, you’ll have ten times more insight and by deploying Service Watch Desktop, you’ll have a hundred times more data points to use while troubleshooting. This allows you to zoom into the key metrics needed to speed up time to resolution.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:10 The Cost of Teams Issues
00:01:00 The Call Quality Dashboard
00:01:54 Using the Proactive Teams Sensors
00:02:40 Teams AV Sensor Walkthrough
00:03:50 Utilizing Crowd Sourced Data
00:04:26 Using Service Watch to Diagnose Teams Issues
00:05:26 Viewing Application Resources
00:05:45 Device Level Network Performance
00:06:23 Understanding the Streamed Networking
00:06:40 The App Network Dashboard
00:07:06 End

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