Troubleshooting Microsoft OneDrive

Troubleshooting Microsoft OneDrive

Jun 16, 2023

Organizations heavily utilize Microsoft OneDrive for multiple reasons. Whether it be to back up files, share them across the organization, or have access to them from anywhere, issues with one drive can be extremely impactful and costly. When running into issues with OneDrive, you’ll find that there isn’t much Microsoft provides as far as troubleshooting tools.

Since there is no visibility or proactive notifications troubleshooting issues takes much longer and takes time away from both the engineers working and the end users being affected. When using our CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch Desktop, you’ll find it much easier to identify the problem and improve resolution times significantly on OneDrive issues.

Exoprise provides you with deep insight into the application performance along with proactive notifications of issues allowing you to get ahead of issues and providing you with all of the information needed to troubleshoot OneDrive.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 The Cost of OneDrive Issues
00:00:22 Diagnosing OneDrive Issues
00:01:01 Using Proactive OneDrive Sensors
00:01:15 OneDrive Sensor Walkthrough
00:02:50 Comparing Metrics to the Crowd
00:03:10 Using Service Watch Desktop to Troubleshoot OneDrive
00:03:55 Viewing Application Resources
00:04:15 Device Level Network Performance
00:04:35 The App Network Dashboard
00:05:20 End

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