Time Doctor Demo Walkthrough

Time Doctor Demo Walkthrough

Actionable Insights to Improve Team Productivity & Performance

Time Doctor is a Workforce Analytics platform purpose-built for remote and hybrid companies that give managers actionable insights to improve team productivity and performance.

  • Team Insights -

Get peace of mind knowing your teams are engaged and working productively

  • 10% reduction in unproductive payroll reporting with 1 Click Accountability
  • Proactively identify and improve potential engagement issues
  • Provide real-time accountability for clients and partners
  • Manager Insights -
  • Schedule, track, report, and analyze time for your teams more efficiently
  • Reduce payroll errors and processing time with integrated work schedules
  • Identify and mitigate costly turnover risk by promoting better work-life balance
  • Reduce new hire training time & reward high performers
  • Company Insights -

Improve productivity & performance with real-time visibility across all your teams

  • Make better, faster business decisions with executive dashboards for deep company-wide insights
  • Reduce software costs by 10% or more by eliminating unused seats and licenses
  • Easily identify productivity bottlenecks & best practices across your teams