Organisational Change Management Framework

Organisational Change Management Framework

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You have a new business process in place. The task on hand now is to get people in your organisation to adopt it. Who will you hold responsible for the smooth transition?

Answer- Everybody. 

While that seems like a bit of a stretch, especially if you are a big firm, when it comes to organisational change management, it is actually true, according to Karen Ferris, director, Macanta Consulting. 

Organisational change management is the framework which helps you manage the people side of any change in the organisation. 

Traditionally, organisational change management has been the responsibility of a few people. But things are certainly changing now. It is hard for a handful of people to manage it especially with change being so fast, constant, and volatile. Moreover, people are getting disrupted by new technologies like artificial intelligence, and big companies are being disrupted by startups.  

“The role of organisational change management can’t be left in the hands of a few people, it’s got to be everybody’s business. The role of  change management professionals is increasing the capability across the workforce through training, vocation, awareness, and conversation,”said Karen. 

But, won’t it be chaos if everybody is responsible? How can you really get everyone to participate without stepping on each other’s toes? 

The idea is to draw up a framework wherein you can set some guardrails or principles within which individuals can operate.

“If they want to drive change or initiate change or help people through change, they can do that, they have the autonomy to do that,” said Karen. 

The important thing is to make sure that you create an effective network of people across various levels of the organisation so that they can be the agents of change and encourage others at their level to actively participate.