Monitoring and Diagnosing AVD

Monitoring and Diagnosing AVD

Nov 8, 2023

In this overview video, we'll be walking you through monitoring and diagnosing Azure Virtual Desktop utilizing CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch.

With a large number of organizations moving towards virtual desktops for end users, it is critical to have the right monitoring in place. Performance issues and outages can greatly impact the end user productivity and cause frustration due to a poor user experience.

Monitoring Azure Virtual Desktop is complicated and there is a lack of information provided by Microsoft. The complexity of monitoring AVD is due to amount of moving parts, you need visibility into the VM, the users device, the network, across the internet, and the AVD infrastructure.

By combining our CloudReady Synthetics and Service Watch, you'll gain that full 360-degree view into how Azure Virtual Desktop is performing. It will allow you to get ahead of outages and performance issues while providing all the necessary information for troubleshooting when issues occur. CloudReady and Service Watch work better together in ensuring your end users are having an optimal experience.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:10 The Cost of Virtual Environment Issues
00:00:31 360-Degree View
00:01:13 Proactive Alarms and Outage Detection
00:01:30 Azure Virtual Desktop Sensor
00:02:28 Network Path Performance
00:02:40 Crowd Sourced Analytics
00:03:00 Service Watch From User Device
00:03:30 Streamed Networking
00:03:45 Service Watch Browser
00:04:30 Service Watch From The Virtual Machine
00:04:45 Service Watch Active Testing and Network Sensors
00:05:40 Outro

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