Maintaining Company Culture: Strategies for Success in a Changing Economy

Maintaining Company Culture: Strategies for Success in a Changing Economy

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In this must-listen episode, we bring together Liam Martin and Annette Franz for an eye-opening discussion on how companies can not only survive but thrive during economic downturns. The key? A steadfast focus on both customers and employees.

Annette Franz, an industry leader in customer experience and the mind behind CX Journey, hones in on the need for businesses to cultivate a customer-centric culture. She shares enlightening examples of companies that have masterfully implemented this approach to immense success. But it's not all about the customer; Annette and Liam agree that employees are the other half of the equation. They delve into the challenges and solutions of maintaining a robust company culture in today's remote work environments.

The conversation also turns towards the critical importance of hiring for culture fit, as the duo agree that a strong internal culture translates to better customer experiences. In a time when communication can make or break a company, Annette emphasizes the need for transparency and proactive outreach to customers.

Whether you're a business leader, a customer experience enthusiast, or someone interested in organizational culture, this episode is packed with actionable insights.

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