How to Monitor Microsoft OneDrive for Business

How to Monitor Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Jul 27, 2021

Exoprise supports Microsoft 365 OneDrive monitoring similar to SharePoint with OAuth credentials as well as full experience monitoring via a headless browser. The sensor emulates a real user signing into OneDrive to collect end-to-end performance metrics such as health score, server latency, login times, etc. across the infrastructure and measure optimal availability.

After successful deployment of the OneDrive sensor, head over to the Logon tab which provides real-time statistics on page login information and the time it takes to log onto OneDrive server. The Managed and Federated Time provide Single Sign-On visibility into Office 365 cloud and on-premise identity service respectively. Check alarms and errors generated over a certain period of time. The Data Point Details tab provides instant comparison between individual metrics and the crowd to find anomalies. Detect the slowest hop and trace data in the network performance tab.

The synthetic OneDrive sensor captures and aggregates all requests made between the OneDrive server and the Internet Information Service (IIS) webserver to perform latency and health measurements. Benchmark and compare OneDrive performance issues and outages with global and regional CloudReady crowd data.

Discover how long it takes to upload or download a file from the OneDrive location to assess the end user's experience. Higher times may indicate that a busy OneDrive server is handling many requests.

The performance of OneDrive is critical for end-users who want to store and manage their documents in the cloud. Exoprise captures page loading statistics and DOM details under the page layout tab. If the pages load slowly relative to the mass, be sure to look for errors or additional dependencies.

Low-level network intelligence for the OneDrive and the underlying IIS server is delivered through metrics such as connection time, SSL negotiation, and Time to First byte. Troubleshoot poor OneDrive network performance, proxy servers, and connection problems with these metrics and analyze long-term trends.

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