How to Monitor Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

How to Monitor Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Jul 26, 2021

Monitor Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory (AAD) with Exoprise CloudReady. AAD is an enterprise multi-tenant cloud directory and identity management service. In your business, employees who work from home remotely or the office rely on Azure AD to log in to multiple Office 365 services and access them through a single set of cloud credentials.

Monitoring Azure AD within Exoprise is an OAuth-based Graph API test. Error warnings from the Azure AD sensor are usually an early indication that other headless browser-based sensors and ultimately end-users are affected. Azure AD serves as the backbone of the Office 365 system. Even if you do not use Azure AD for a single sign-on, it is the catalog for Office 365 identities, profile access, and permissions. In other words, there is a massive dependence on Azure AD, and that its uptime, availability, and performance from multiple locations are hyper-critical to anyone using Office 365 or Azure. This makes Azure AD an important sensor that can be tested within CloudReady,

CloudReady can automatically configure the most important default alarms for the Azure AD sensor after the sensor has been deployed and has run for some time. Upon successful setup, the Azure AD sensor uses the Microsoft Graph API to perform queries on behalf of the registered user. For each query, advanced performance metrics such as Total Runtime, Get Profile and low-level metrics such as TCP/IP connect time, Time to first byte, SSL Negotiation, and DNS lookup time are captured to quickly diagnose Azure AD problems. Correlate both the metrics together and compare individual metric performance against the crowd in real-time.

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