How Boston Centerless Monitors Employee Computers Remotely (Case Study) | CurrentWare

How Boston Centerless Monitors Employee Computers Remotely (Case Study) | CurrentWare

Boston Centerless is a mining and metals supplier based in Boston, Massachusetts.

When COVID-19 forced a majority of their workforce to work from home they knew they would need to rely on CurrentWare's remote workforce management software to keep their employees productive and secure.

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Do you want to know how your employees spend their time while working from home? Get a free trial of CurrentWare's remote employee monitoring & device control software.

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This snippet was taken from our webinar "Best Practices for Managing Productivity and Security of Remote Workers". You can view the full webinar here:


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CurrentWare is a software company that provides a suite of workforce management solutions for computer monitoring, content filtering, data loss prevention, and remote power management.

CurrentWare’s solutions are adopted by a wide array of government and private organizations including schools, hospitals, libraries, and for-profit businesses. CurrentWare customers improve their user productivity, data security, and business intelligence with advanced awareness and control over how technology is used in their organization.

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