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Home Health Care Time Tracking Software | Workstatus

Have you been searching for workforce management software to help manage your home health care teams? Look no further than Workstatus!

Workstatus is a powerful and versatile workforce management solution that offers many features that are particularly well-suited to the healthcare industry. These include:

  1. The ability to manage a large and diverse workforce: With Workstatus, you can easily keep track of employees across multiple locations and ensure everyone meets their obligations.
  2. Online Timesheets: This is essential for ensuring accurate billing in the healthcare industry. With Workstatus, you can see exactly when employees clock in and out and which tasks they are working on.
  3. Task management: In healthcare, it is often necessary to delegate tasks to employees based on their skill set and availability. Workstatus makes it easy to assign and track tasks to be sure they are being completed efficiently.

Watch the full video to explore how Workstatus can be an excellent asset for healthcare workers.

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