Fostering a Healthy Feedback Culture in Our Teams

Fostering a Healthy Feedback Culture in Our Teams

Jan 24, 2022

Companies and leaders know why feedback is important for helping build relationships. But how can we make sure feedback is healthy and constructive?

This VMUG features Maria Belen Senra and Karolina Zajac, Agile Coaches at King, who explore models and exercises you can use to build a culture of healthy feedback within your teams.

During this 60 minute interactive workshop, you’ll learn:
Why feedback matters both to individuals and teams
How to choose the right type of feedback to offer
Feedback models that are widely used in organizations: Radical Candor and Nonviolent communication (NVC)
For team members: How to give difficult feedback to your manager in an honest and constructive way using NVC
For managers: How to give feedback with impact to your direct reports by combining the Radical Candor principles and NVC techniques
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