Digital Experience Monitoring for macOS

Digital Experience Monitoring for macOS

May 21, 2024

In this overview video, we'll be walking you through Service Watch Desktop for macOS. We'll cover the benefits of utilizing Service Watch for macOS and the configuration and deployment process. We'll then review the data being collected by Service Watch and some additional functionality in Active Tests, Device Groups, and Alarms.

When talking to our customers, we found that a majority of macOS users are at the executive level. This makes supporting these devices much more critical and any work stopping issues need to be addressed with urgency. Monitoring and managing macOS devices is increasingly difficult due to Apple's security policies. Since this is the case, having the right tools to monitor these devices is crucial.

Once devices are instrumented, proactive notifications can be enabled to notify when performance degradation occurs allowing engineers to proactively notify the users and begin troubleshooting, reducing mean time to resolution. Lightweight network sensors can be deployed alongside Service Watch for macOS providing insight into network performance.

With a combination of Service Watch, Active Tests, Device Groups, and Dashboards, you will gain a holistic view of your macOS deployment.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 The Cost of macOS Issues
00:01:05 Deploying Service Watch to macOS
00:01:28 Service Watch Browser Extension
00:02:32 Installing Service Watch on macOS Device
00:03:17 Diagnosing Real-User Issues With Service Watch
00:03:30 Service Watch Desktop Resources
00:04:00 Application Connected Networking
00:04:18 Service Watch Active Tests
00:04:34 Configuring Active Tests
00:05:10 Viewing Collected Active Test Data
00:05:25 Enabling Real-Time Alarms
00:05:53 Configuring Device Groups
00:06:30 Outro

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