A Data-Driven Approach to Progress Tracking with Craft.io

A Data-Driven Approach to Progress Tracking with Craft.io

Feb 5, 2024

Introducing Craft.io's groundbreaking Elevated Progress Tracking designed to revolutionize how you monitor and manage progress in your product workflow. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision with our advanced visualization and customizable settings.

Enhanced Accuracy: Our "Simplified" calculation method considers all item descendants, ensuring unparalleled precision in progress tracking.

Numerical Precision: Select any numerical field and assign precise weights to each item for accurate progress measurement.

Group Progress Enhancements: Enjoy improved progress visualization and customizable settings for streamlined progress tracking.

Dive into this transformative video to discover how Craft.io's Elevated Progress Tracking can bring greater accuracy, efficiency, and informed decision-making to your product workflow. Learn more at: https://help.craft.io/en/articles/8880321-elevated-progress-tracking-enhanced-precision-numerical-calculations-and-group-progress-enhancements


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