Courier Live: Sending Notifications via Microsoft Teams

Courier Live: Sending Notifications via Microsoft Teams

Oct 13, 2020

Aydrian and Tony update an existing notification to support Microsoft Teams and work on creating a bot that can be used with Courier.
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01:16 - Types of Microsoft Teams Messages that can be sent
02:35 - Activating the Microsoft Teams integration in Courier
04:37 - Adding an Microsoft Teams channel to an existing notification
08:07 - Creating a bot in Microsoft Azure
13:16 - Grabbing the App ID and App Password from configuration to use with Courier
18:05 - Attempting to send to a user
21:35 - Locating the tenant_id for the Courier profile
24:18 - Locating the user_id for the Courier profile
41:20 - Attempting to send to a channel
42:26 - Locating the channel_id for the Courier profile

Aydrian Howard, Developer Advocate:
Tony Nguyen, Software Engineer:

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