Building Secure Chat Experiences That Convert, Engage and Retain Users

Building Secure Chat Experiences That Convert, Engage and Retain Users

Everything starts with a conversation. 🗨

The world’s leading organizations understand this and make sure chat is available within their mobile apps or websites.

However, getting it done is not so easy. There are many things to consider.

Choosing to rely on third-party messaging platforms comes with heavy compromises on data security, privacy, and ownership. 🔒

Choosing to build everything yourself is expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention the risk of glitches and errors becoming an everyday guest. That’s why choosing a fully supported solution comes in handy.

Many security-conscious organizations rely on Rocket.Chat’s open and flexible APIs to effectively engage, convert, and retain their users.

In this live session, we’ve shared the most common ways organizations around the world are using Rocket.Chat to build secure and custom chat experiences within their apps and websites.

We've showed you how to:
👉 Build a secure HIPAA-compliant chat experience to streamline patient communication and reduce the workload of medical staff.
👉 Design an intuitive chat experience for students and teachers to transform the learning experience and make it more collaborative.
👉Facilitate real-time messaging in community discussion forums to support various conversations and drive branded experiences.