Building the right tech stack for hybrid work

Building the right tech stack for hybrid work

May 13, 2021

Choosing the right tools for your company is a balancing act as you try to meet all of your security, transparency, and efficiency needs. This year, teams will face new challenges as many transition from a fully remote environment to one that’s more hybrid. Bringing distributed and co-located work models together allows for more flexibility; and getting the right mix of tools to cover all of your team’s task management, communication, and collaboration needs will be critical.

In this video, hear how IT leaders from Atlassian, BetterCloud, and Dropbox evaluate, choose, and manage the right tools for their company’s workflows.

You’ll learn how to:
Plan for the “office” of the future, even with upcoming changes in the workforce
Give your teams the power and flexibility to work how and when they want
Evaluate and adopt new tools that scale while maintaining security

Check out the session recap notes: [link]

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