Boosting productivity and revenue with Sell through automation

Boosting productivity and revenue with Sell through automation

Mar 25, 2022

On March 24th the Sell team led a community event showcasing the newest in automation from Zendesk Sell! Here they shared an introduction to the newly released Sales Triggers and demoed helpful tips on how to level up productivity and boost revenue.


0:00 - Introduction

2:15 - Why sales reps spend too much time on non-revenue generating activities

4:30 - Introducing Sell Automations

6:56 - Sell Triggers Overview

8:50 - Sell Triggers Demo

16:55 - Sell Triggers Product Updates

18:40 - Sell Automation Pricing

19:20 - Q&A "How should support teams think about improving collaboration with the sales org?"

21:30 - Q&A "How does Sell enable this collaboration for current Zendesk Support users?"

23:20 - Q&A "Can we display sequences in Zendesk Sell?"

24:40 - Q&A "Any updates on having conditional fields in sell?"

26:00 - June 23rd Sell Event "Sell Analytics"

Event Presentation & Documentation

Presentation Deck:


Zendesk Sales Pricing | Plans starting from just $19 an agent:

Sales Triggers EAP form:

Creating and using automated task actions in Sell: