Best practices on maintaining your agent workforce

Best practices on maintaining your agent workforce

Jul 15, 2022

Recently the Zendesk Community showcased our best practices on how to manage & maintain your agent workforce. This is part two in our series, hosted by Cat Hurley, Director of Customer Advocacy, where she covered how to empower your team to thrive, work through growing pains as they arise, and plan ahead to handle changes in a looming turbulent marketplace. We were also joined by Jared Loman from Kajabi, who shared his expertise & experiences on our focus topic!


00:00 Introduction

01:40 Agenda

03:00 Agent Satisfaction in 2022

05:04 Zendesk Support Overview

07:31 Differentiated Support Team

10:41 Managing Through High Change

15:12 People vs. Process + Technology

21:01 Customer Spotlight: Kajabi

21:26 Meet Jared: VP of CX at Kajabi

22:24 Kajabi's Support Team

23:45 Kajabi's Support Journey

27:55 Kajabi's Learnings

33:40 What's working at Kajabi

38:26 Kajabi's Challenges

42:10 What's Next at Kajabi

43:15 Q&A

43:22 What metrics are you using for the CX leaderboard?

45:09 Any advice on managing agent team schedules?

46:10 How do you spot inefficiencies on your agent team?

47:50 How do you deal with rapid growth in the team and communicating changes?

48:39 How do you inspire a team to enjoy what they do?

50:22 How do you determine a suitable workload volume for your team?

53:04 How do you manage motivation during a restructure?

55:34 Updates

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