10 Service Desk Automation Ideas You Need to Apply ASAP

10 Service Desk Automation Ideas You Need to Apply ASAP

Sep 25, 2023

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Help desk activities involve so many manual tasks that the job can quickly become tedious — leading to human error and high turnover.

Service desk automation helps you avoid all that and allows IT support teams to focus on more complex and critical tasks.

Some of the benefits that well-implemented automation can bring you include:

  • Expanded tool Return On Investment.
  • Improved SOP compliance.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Reduced agent churn.
  • Enhanced user empowerment and satisfaction.

Explore X InvGate Service Desk automation ideas in this video, and boost your support efficiency!

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Key moments:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:31 Pasword reset automation
00:01:16 Software request automation
00:01:50 Onboarding and offboarding workflow
00:03:03 Ticket routing and escalation
00:04:22 AI automated suggestions
00:05:12 Canned responses
00:06:14 Customer satisfaction surveys
00:06:44 SLA monitoring automation
00:07:15 Knowledge featured requests
00:07:50 Periodic reports automation
00:08:52 Conclusion

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