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Node.js VM - Isolating our Apps from the Core Engine

As a JavaScript developer, one might know that Node.js is built on top of Chrome’s V8 Engine, giving us a way to run a JS program extremely fast by compiling it to machine code directly. This in a way gives V8 the role of an Operating System, running on top of your OS, similar to how you might imagine a Virtual Machine running.

How to Send Emails with Node.js [3 Different Ways + Code Tutorials]

Almost every web application needs the functionality to send transactional emails in response to various triggers. Events like account registration, password resets, purchase receipts, and user verification are among the many tasks today’s applications need to accomplish via email. These emails are crucial for notifying users of important updates and enabling key user workflows in your application. This post explores three different options for sending email from within a Node.js app.