Exoprise Extends the Service Watch Platform to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience

Exoprise Extends the Service Watch Platform to Optimize the Digital Employee Experience

Waltham, MA – October 17, 2022 – Exoprise, a leader in Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions, announced that its Service Watch release enables CIOs and IT executives to successfully transform their organization into a distributed and hybrid work model. Today’s CIOs co-own the Digital Employee Experience with IT and need contextual UCaaS insights to build their business for long-term success.

With companies increasingly relying on a holistic digital experience, there is strong demand for unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools to stay connected effortlessly and drive operational efficiencies wherever people work. According to Gartner, 74% of the new unified communication licenses purchased by organizations will be cloud-based by 2024, up from 48% in 2019. The analyst firm also published a report on doubling the market share of unified communication from 17% in 2018 to 35% in 2023. In addition, 75% of remote office workers use between three and nine UCaaS platforms (Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, RingCentral, Zoom, and more).

The massive growth and proliferation of UCaaS tools exists because companies are still testing different solutions to find out what works best for the business. Often, there is a need to accommodate partners, customers, and external stakeholders who use different UCaaS tools for team meetings. In some cases, the adoption relates to individual user preferences, browser or device interoperability, or specific features supported for video conferencing or one-on-one conversations.

A mix-and-match approach may be required, but it increases complexity for IT teams when they struggle to achieve consistent network visibility into UCaaS performance. Often, technology teams are unable to pinpoint the root cause of problems when critical audio and video communications services such as Teams or Zoom falter and knowledge workers who rely on these services have a poor experience. Hybrid and remote workplaces exacerbate these problems and present network teams with challenges in diagnosing and effectively resolving problems in time.

“CIOs and IT departments are under increasing pressure to provide reliable UCaaS services to their remote employees. To close visibility gaps for each user on each network, vendor-neutral performance analytics requires multiple touchpoints,” said Exoprise VP of Sales, Mark Yohai. “Other monitoring solutions face shortcomings in identifying and locating the source of UCaaS problems under different workplace scenarios. Only Exoprise – Real User Monitoring (RUM) + Robots (Synthetics) – DEM technology provides deep network intelligence into any UCaaS application of choice to supercharge enterprise communications and make the workplace productive.”

Exoprise helps corporate CIOs and business leaders leverage modern technologies, deliver enterprise IT clarity, and take immediate action to accelerate digital businesses.

  • Proactively Improving the Digital Employee Experience

    • Employees’ digital experience is the sum of their perceptions using different technologies and tools available in the workplace ecosystem. By enhancing the end-user digital experience, companies impact end-user productivity, engagement, and retention levels. Exoprise Service Watch analyzes usage data and collects contextual employee sentiment with apps, networks, operating systems, and the endpoint devices for real-time optimization.
  • Creating a Future of Work Strategy

    • Although hybrid work is not new, several organizations working on it do so, informally, in silos across the organization (especially in IT, HR, and Engineering). Regardless of division or line of business, CIOs need to accelerate their remediation during disruption while providing optimal employee engagement. Exoprise RUM solution covers all endpoints and enables organizations to support hybrid transition while unifying their future-of-work strategy.
  • Enhancing Digital Business Performance

    • When CIOs think about benchmarking their digital footprint, they need look no further. Exoprise crowdsourced analytics provides availability and performance benchmarks for UCaaS and networked applications everywhere. As a result, companies migrating to new UCaaS platforms, such as Teams or Zoom, can evaluate their network quality using the crowd metrics and benchmark their infrastructure to improve the digital experience for end-users.
  • Enabling Better UCaaS Service Delivery

    • No matter what UCaaS vendor technology is in use, key performance metrics to ensure successful meetings (audio and video quality) should remain consistent. Exoprise improves IT visibility into real-time Microsoft Teams service (web or thick client) delivery by capturing latency, packet loss, and response time from any location for real-time troubleshooting. The hop-by-hop analysis identifies service issues, such as home Wi-Fi, ISP, gateway, or application provider.
  • Making Hybrid Meetings Effective

    • When CIOs and employees working from home or the office need to be on that important call, technology teams need to be prepared and ensure the availability of the digital medium. Synthetic, proactive telemetry from Exoprise quickly detects impending downtime or outage problems 30 minutes to 2 hours ahead of other tools. In addition, RUM agents deployed on endpoint devices quickly analyze and calculate digital experience scores for multiple user groups and regions so that leaders are aware of UCaaS experience trends on a global scale.

“Exoprise has bridged our ability to monitor cloud-based solutions since our migration to Microsoft 365 and Teams. Early on, we had several challenges around Skype and Teams, and we saw Exoprise as a great value in managing our end-user digital experience,” said Kevin Santos, Senior Director of IT, BCD Travel.

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Read more about the important and unique combination of RUM + Robots in our latest whitepaper and ensure the best digital employee experience for UCaaS apps such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex.

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