Workforce Management Software For Janitorial Service Management

Workforce Management Software For Janitorial Service Management

When it comes to running your #janitorialBusiness having the right scheduling software can make all the difference between success and failure.

Whether you want to manage staff availability or keep track of their daily schedules, #workstatus has a suite of features that are ideal for the needs of a janitorial company.

With Workstatus, you will be able to set up multiple shifts so that employees can work in the most efficient way possible while also allowing you to track the accurate time spent by each worker and pay them accordingly.

Being a janitorial industry following are some of the biggest sets of difficulties faced by them
1) Needing to communicate with workers and clients effectively
2) Accurate payroll is not always easy to calculate.
3) Prepare regular reports covering daily work schedules.
4) Keeps records of hours worked on an hourly basis by each employee.

With Workstatus, you can manage your janitorial workforce in a more organised manner. These are some ways Workstatus can help you in the following ways.

1) Workstatus allows you to communicate instantly with all your team members from one place. You can send messages across your office through chat and email features which makes managing communication easier than ever before.

2) Workstatus enables janitorial companies to track the total number of hours workers spend on their service, giving better visibility into the work schedules of workers.

3) Workstatus help you prepare a monthly report with every detail about each worker, including their start time, end time, average hours per day, and average hourly wage. The dashboard displays a summary of the month’s work schedule in table format where workers can see who is working during what shift.

Watch the complete video to learn how Workstatus helps janitorial to save time, bill their clients more accurately, and be more productive.

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