Workflow simplification with Support triggers & automation

Workflow simplification with Support triggers & automation

Oct 15, 2021

On October 14th, the Zendesk community hosted a panel of Support experts who shared their advice & answered questions submitted by customers.

Contents of this video

0:00 - Introduction

0:14 - Advice on streamlining individual notification triggers

2:04 - Workarounds for trigger workflows needing to depend on race conditions caused by API calls

5:22 - [Feedback Question] Any plans to have triggers based on scheduled hours

6:29 - [Feedback Question] Any plans to allow the creation of personal notes with triggers & automation

8:54 - [Feedback Question] Are there any updates when automation will be able to run in smaller specified increments of time

9:28 - How do I send notifications when there are only private comments on a ticket

11:09 - What advice would you give for someone trying to improve workflow efficiency that is new to triggers

13:10 - Best practices when multiple business units utilize the same Zendesk instance

17:49 - [Feedback Question] When will workflows work the same on all channels?

21:21 - Advice on making fewer hops between receiving tickets & getting tickets to an agent who can assist

24:06 - [Feedback Question] When will the ability to test a trigger before saving it to production be possible

25:41 - Advice on how companies use triggers, automation & workflows to improve processes

31:50 - What is the best way to order triggers & automation

33:49 - What is the best way to target specific tickets without overloading ticket event

36:18 - Is there a way to have an overview of all your triggers & what they will work on

36:22 - [Feedback Question] WIll we see a feature to export all existing triggers as bulk

40:59 - [Feedback Question] Can we have the option to add attachments to the trigger

41:32 - Is there a way to use keywords that will trigger an automation

42:39 - What is the best way to tell if a trigger is not working or out of date

43:40 - Why can't we use the department of Zendesk Chat as concision of automations and triggers

44:57 - [Feedback Question] When will triggers and automation be integrated as a feature

46:05 - How do I set up tags, triggers, & views

49:41 - [Feedback Question] Can you make it easier to locate triggers that use a specific field

50:28 - [Feedback Question] Can the ability to have the same condition for triggers and automation available also for views?

50:42 - Advice on how to use Liquid Markup

52:35 - Is there a better way than using the default of marking solved tickets closed via an automation

53:54 - Are all automations top-down (built-in by Zendesk) or is it better to build our own, bottom-up

54:40 - [Feedback Question] Will there be support for more powerful ticket manipulations on triggers

55:53 - What resources are available to those struggling with building & troubleshooting triggers