#WinWithMarketplace: Calendar Integration apps with Freshservice

#WinWithMarketplace: Calendar Integration apps with Freshservice

As businesses grow in today's fast-paced world, they routinely face new challenges in their tech stack. A key aspect of overcoming these challenges is having the right product at your disposal to help you do more and be more!
Freshworks customers can count on Freshworks Marketplace to solve their integration, customization, and automation needs. Freshworks Marketplace houses more than 1300 apps that solve customers' essential business needs by helping them extend their Freshworks experience.

To help you succeed with Freshworks Marketplace, we have curated a list of apps that can deliver great value for your business. #WinwithMarketplace brings forward byte-sized videos about such apps. In Series 1, every fortnight, we cover key apps (and themes) that work best with Freshservice.

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Calendar Integration.

With the Calendar integration apps with Freshservice, spend less time planning and more time doing. Integrate your Google or Office 365 calendar with Freshservice to add and manage all your calendar events.

  • Schedule events with context
  • Manage your appointments, meetings, and calls from the comfort of your service desk without having to switch between tabs
  • Add ticket-related tasks to your calendar
  • Easily schedule meeting with your requester