What is the new Slack Platform?

What is the new Slack Platform?

Oct 24, 2022

The next generation Slack Platform is packed with a ton of amazing features. In this video we’ll get a quick overview of what the new Slack Platform has to offer, and how these new features work together in a way that makes it faster and easier to build solutions that simplify your working life.

The new Slack Platform: https://api.slack.com/future

Explore the Slack API: https://api.slack.com/

Ask a question in Slack Forums: https://forums.slackcommunity.com/

Join the Slack Community Workspace: https://slackcommunity.com/


00:00 Overview

00:27 Slack CLI

00:46 Functions, Workflows, Triggers

01:50 Slack Managed Infrastructure

02:30 App Manifest