Understand Employee Work Patterns with Workstatus

Understand Employee Work Patterns with Workstatus

Managing remote freelancers can be challenging due to various factors such as different time zones, payment disputes, and struggles with low productivity. Workstatus offers a solution to alleviate these stressors and streamline freelancer management effectively.


Different Time Zones: Coordinating with freelancers across different time zones can be cumbersome and lead to communication delays.

Payment Disputes: Resolving payment disputes with freelancers can consume valuable time and resources.

Low Productivity: Ensuring that freelancers maintain high productivity levels can be a persistent challenge.


Analysis of Work Patterns: Workstatus allows you to analyze freelancer work patterns, helping identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Activity Tracking: With activity tracking features, you can monitor freelancer activity levels to ensure tasks are being completed efficiently.

Invoice Generation: Workstatus simplifies the invoicing process by converting tracked hours into invoices automatically.

Time Zone Coordination: It facilitates seamless coordination with freelancers across all time zones, reducing communication barriers and enhancing collaboration.

Team Updates: You can send updates to the entire team at once, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned with project progress.

Automatic Hour Tracking: Workstatus automatically tracks freelancer work hours, eliminating the need for manual timekeeping and reducing administrative burden.

By leveraging Workstatus, managing remote freelancers becomes more efficient, transparent, and less stressful, allowing you to focus on achieving project goals effectively.

Witness how Workstatus enables real-time monitoring of work patterns, categorizing applications and websites, and generating custom reports and analytics to optimize workforce management.

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