UKG & Simpplr Intranet - Customer Story

UKG & Simpplr Intranet - Customer Story

Nov 17, 2021

In early 2020, Ultimate Software and Kronos merged. After the integration, it became apparent that they needed a way to build unity, reinforce culture, and bring people together within the newly formed organization: UKG. That is when they decided to launch Simpplr.

Watch this video to learn the Simpplr and UKG customer story, and hear from leadership about how their new intranet, UKG Today, has transformed employee collaboration and engagement. Learn the reasons they chose Simpplr and why the simplicity and ease of use has been the key driver for getting people to engage with the platform.

Simpplr has allowed UKG to integrate with tools they were already using, such as Office 365 which includes Teams, Google Suite, and other collaboration technologies like Slack. In addition to these, they are in the process of integrating internal tools to bring more UKG data into the Simpplr ecosystem; something that will help them to better communicate with employees, create better connections across various departments, and produce new opportunities for collaboration. Simpplr intranet has given UKG the ability to virtually connect 13,000 employees from around the world, in different countries and time zones, on a day-to-day basis.

Simpplr is a modern intranet software that simplifies employee communication and makes it easy to create a connected and engaged workplace.

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