Transforming your support strategy with Zendesk Messaging Q&A

Transforming your support strategy with Zendesk Messaging Q&A

Sep 23, 2021

On September 23rd the Zendesk Community hosted a follow-up to our previous event on Zendesk Messaging. Our team of experts was live on deck to answer questions from the community on all things Messaging!

Contents of this video

0:00 - Introduction

2:17 - What is the difference between Messaging & Chat?

3:51 - Is there an update on the roadmap that will allow using a customer's user field placeholder as part of a Flow Builder text reply?

6:00 - Are there any improvements coming to Flow Builder of Automatic Translations?

11:40 - When will the Messaging Web Widget allow for authentication?

13:00 - Is there a way to handle Open but no agents available like is done in Business Scheule option open.closed?

16:50 - Any insights on making Javascript API available for the new Web Widget?

18:50 - How does Messaging work and how is the user experience?

20:27 - What is your advice for the use of Messaging when a business is scaling very quickly?

21:30 - Is there integration with WeChat?

22:25 - Does Messaging remember all details about the client without them filling in a pre-form?
23:19: - How can I best utilize the mobile options for teams to answer questions in the field?

23:55 - Does Messaging support agent initiated outbound messaging to specific end users?

30:05 - Is there a way to merge Messaging users with users you already had previously on Zendesk?

31:04 - How does merging users work for social messaging channels in Messaging?

32:44 - What' advice do you have for organizing agents for Messaging?
38:00: - What is on the roadmap for the big "Conversations" button on the top of Agent Workspace?

40:05 - Is there more options for Answer Bot to suggest better options when an article doesn't help them via Flow Builder?