Timesheet (Daily) | Apploye

Timesheet (Daily) | Apploye

Mar 1, 2021

On daily an owner/member would be able to see the details of their personal timesheet and owner/admin would be able to see their members details timesheet for any specific date. Also here is an archival available for any specific date, if anybody wants to check previous dates details it's available too.

In detail project wise and task wise also the daily timesheet can be seen. Also there is an option kept for adding manual time entry if anyone mistakenly forgot to start the app once they stopped it for anything, Here on the manual time addition this time gap can be covered.

Here on this project based and task based timesheet can be explored by any member/admin/owner. Here in this case the member needs to be assigned here to track the time on specified tasks and projects to see that.

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