ClickUp Time Tracking - Apploye

ClickUp Time Tracking - Apploye

Dec 11, 2022

ClickUp Time Tracking - Apploye makes it easy to keep track of your time. Integrate Apploye with your ClickUp, import the projects with tasks, and start tracking time from the Apploye app or chrome extension.

Using Apploye to start tracking time with ClickUp is a simple process. Let's look at the easy steps to get started.

  1. Create Apploye Account
  2. Connect Apploye with Clickup
  3. Connect Clickup Workspace with Apploye
  4. Import ClickUp tasks to Apploye
  5. Sync New ClickUp projects and Tasks
  6. Assign Projects to Members
  7. Assign Tasks to Members
  8. Track time from Apploye desktop, mobile app or Chrome extension

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