Time Tracking Software for Designers | Workstatus

Time Tracking Software for Designers | Workstatus

Have you been searching for a #timetrackingsoftware to help manage your designers? Look no further than Workstatus!

#Workstatus is an excellent time tracking software for designers. It allows designers to manage their workflows and keep track of their progress on various projects. This can be extremely helpful in coordinating with clients and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Some of its major benefits are:

✅ Track time by client or project
✅ Set a timer and track time manually
✅ Track expenses related to projects
✅ Export data for accounting or invoicing purposes
✅ Generate reports on time worked

Overall, Workstatus is an excellent tool for designers and should be considered if you're looking for a way to streamline your workflow and more.

Watch the full video to explore how Workstatus can be a great asset for your designers.

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