Successfully Marketing with Partner Agencies w/ Sam Dunning

Successfully Marketing with Partner Agencies w/ Sam Dunning

May 9, 2024

If your agency’s become a trusted advisor to your clients, then you’re probably getting asked for recommendations & advice all the time.

I can border on a feeling of frustration if you’ve faced this enough:

Can you help with this? Do you know anyone you’d recommend for that?

If your clients are asking about other areas where you *can’t* help, you hate to not be able to help.


What if you could add more value to your clients AND tap into partnerships that could generate net-new clients for your agency?

Sam Dunning, Founder of Breaking B2B, has done exactly that–quite successfully as you’ll hear from a few examples he shares in today’s episode.

Sam has intentionally built partnerships with 2 types of organizations that have create 2 new sources of new pipeline for their agency:

Software companies offering solutions related to their area of expertise & other agencies offering the services they don’t.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to identify the right potential partners based on your niche & ICP
  • The 2 ways to engage with these partners to drive new pipeline for your agency
  • 3 specific tactics you can use once you’ve established a new partnership
  • 3 specific blog collaboration plays you can run with a partner company.

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