Relay Bot Demo | Accelerator Apps | Slack

Relay Bot Demo | Accelerator Apps | Slack

Apr 28, 2023

Deliver personalized messaging at scale within Slack using our Relay Bot.

Team members need to deliver targeted information to multiple channels/people at once. Without an automated delivery system this task is either too large to accomplish resulting in missed opportunities or tedious and time-consuming impacting productivity and reducing resources.

Relay Bot eliminates the need to copy-and-paste into multiple channels/DMs. It removes the repetition, allowing you to craft the message once, select the recipients, and then move on. Frequently used groups of recipients can be saved as Distribution Lists saving even more time on recurring communication.

Relay Bot is a part of our Accelerator Apps program where you can enlist the help of technical experts from Slack to bring tried and trusted custom apps to your organization. Connect with us and learn more about pricing: