Project | Apploye

Project | Apploye

Jan 12, 2021

Project helps you to organize your work more frequently in your workplace and also in many way to manage things from a single window.

Majojr components include,

  1. Active - Archived & Budgeted view : Separate view for "Active", "Archived" and "Budgeted" projects for a concise and structured view.
  2. Edit or Archive past projects : Update project information and archive projects after completion.
  3. Project summary at a glance : See the budget, spent hours, remaining budget, spent amount of all the projects at a single place
  4. Project Billing : Set up your project billing to invoice your client easily and efficiently.
  5. Project Budget : Set up your project budget to get notified on milestones, keep track of the project's cost and profitability.
  6. Budget alerts : Receive an email/notification alert when you reach a certain percentage of the project budget.
  7. Add client profile to projects : Add your clients in respective projects to bill the client correctly and generate automatic invoices.
  8. Start date and Deadline : Set project start date and deadline to achieve your goal in time.
  9. Add people & permission : Assign people to project and set permission for a smooth and efficient project management.
  10. Project Manager role : Project manager will be able to view all the data related to that specific project.
  11. Hourly & Fixed fee billing : Choose a billing method: project hourly, person hourly or fixed fee.
  12. Set project status : Set the current status of your project anytime with just one click.
  13. Add tasks to the project : Create tasks under a project and assign people to the tasks.
  14. Project progress report - Hours & Cost graph (coming soon)
  15. See your project progress - spent hours & cost, in a beautiful graph.
  16. Export report (coming soon)
  17. Generate project report and export the reports data in pdf & csv format.