Nifty Tutorial: Task Management

Nifty Tutorial: Task Management

May 17, 2020

Bring order to your team’s workflow with Nifty Tasks!

Tasks can be as simple as a do-item, or a fully rigged out journeys with a description, a due date assigned subtasks, and attached files & docs.

Additionally, tasks have a collaborative comment section to consolidate feedback. If you’d like to keep this task private from project Guests, Members, or Admins, simply hit the Hide Task button! And don’t forget to tie a task to a Milestone to automate milestone progress tracking and the impact on greater project objectives!

Tasks also have default priority tags and custom tags which can be created and managed across the workspace to bring additional clarity to the work at hand.

Business Plan users will have access to our time tracker and custom fields on tasks to further empower workflow and managerial efforts.

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