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How to Create a Miro Board in Nifty

Nifty is a flexible Project Management solution that enables integrations and embed functionality to thousands of partners! Miro is the leading white board company on the planet with millions of users across the globe and we are honored to be a partner with them on our productivity journey. In this video one will learn how to create a Miro board and than embed it directly into a Nifty workspace, so users can operate their Miro accounts and boards inside their project management solution!

How to Create a Task - The Nifty Way Instantly

In this video you will learn how to create a task for your task management needs in lighting speed! Nifty prides itself in being the easiest to use workflow solution on the market 🙌 and delivers yet again with this Nifty 1 click task creation feature! Nifty is free forever and would recommend you get started managing your projects with us today 🚀 You can also manage projects, create milestones, collaborate with team members, track time, proof files and loads more!!!

How to Create Project Milestones with Nifty

Want to create project milestones? With Nifty you can get started right away and create project milestones for the project you're coordinating! In Nifty, project milestones appear as Gantt Charts showing clearly the progress you and your team have made since the beginning. You can also export project milestones so you can see a complete breakdown of what was done by who and when!